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Instrument Matching Game
Test your knowledge of the instruments on MGS. Match the picture (or clue, for text-based browsers) with the correct instrument. Then try another! Build your skills!

Mars Mazes
Twist your brain into knots with these tricky Mars mazes -- and have fun doing it. Not just for kids; mazes can be fun for all ages.

MGS MAG/ER Word Search
32 words and a hidden message to find.

Exploring Mars [external link]
A variety of educational products about Mars that have been developed at the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

The Martian Sun-Times [external link]
Hailing from the University of Chicago, The Martian Sun-Times offers investigations into Martian weather for the classroom and links to weather sites used in the investigations. The site is aimed at middle-school-age students.

Mars Activites [ external link]
American Museum of Natural History's Mars activites includes online and offline activites.

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