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Mars Global Surveyor Magnetic Field Experiment

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What was Learned - Fall 1999

I really learned a lot during the program. We learned about Mars, many of the missions there, magnetic poles, Mars Polar Lander, and why they think it malfunctioned. We also learned about SOHO and about what the specialists in mission control do. The program was great, and Dr. Acuna taught us a lot during it. One of the things I enjoyed most was visiting NASA and seeing models of spacecraft. It was interesting to see how the models changed over the years and the different kinds of spacecraft. This was a really great learning experience for me!

I was part of the Mars Global Surveyor project, and I found it very interesting. I learned new facts about Mars, satellites, etc. I found out that it takes 11 months to get to Mars, about the 3 satellites that watch Mars, and about magnets in the Earth as well as commands. Did you know it takes 20 minutes for an image to travel from Mars to Earth? So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really enjoyed this program. My favorite part was our trip to NASA. I had alot of fun.

I loved the afterschool program for science. I learned a lot. I learned mainly about Mars but many other things that have amazed me. We found Utopia on the Martian globe. We compared the magnetic field of Mars and Earth. I also learned the days on Mars are 37 minutes longer than ours and the gravity is 2 % of ours. The trip to Goddard was great too! I saw the magnetic field of the sun and it was beautiful! I was hoping we could do this again!

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