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MGS over Olympus Mons,
 Artwork by Corby Waste; Mars Global Surveyor, Magnetic Field Experiment, MAG/ER
, GSFC UCB CESR UDBRI NSF UGRAZ RICE; cover art of GRL Vol. 28, No. 21 with blac
k background

Mars Global Surveyor Magnetic Field Experiment

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MGS Press Conference, 2 October 1997, Figure

Speech given by Dr. Jack Connerney, Astrophysicist

artist's rendition of solar wind interaction with Mars

This artist's rendition depicts the response of the solar wind to the obstacle - the planet Mars - in it's path. A supersonic "solar wind" consisting of electrically charged particles (ions and electrons) streams off the Sun into space. It is slowed to subsonic speeds in the vicinity of Mars at a parabolic surface called a "bow shock" upstream of the planet. Here, the magnetic field fluctuates wildly and the flow of the solar wind becomes chaotic. Part of the orbital trajectory of the mars Global Surveyor is indicated, with MGS approaching the planet just prior to over- flight of the pole.

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